Border Patrol
 by Paul Garrin with David Rokeby, 1994-96.
(photo courtesy Holly Solomon Gallery, NY)
Autonomous Object Tracking System with Robotic Cameras
Stationary cameras function as visual sensors to the VNSII interface by David Rokeby that controls the positioning of robotic "snipercams" which lock on to moving targets (the viewer's heads) and "fire shots" (audio of gunshots). The viewer sees his/her image on video monitors, set into the face of the metal wall, in the crosshairs of the snipercam. Each of the 4 autonomous snipercams can track up to 32 individual objects, and monitor their status-- scanning--looks for target tracking--found target lock------engage target fire------shoot target verify----check for movement if no movement go on to next check again for movement after x duration, end time to live cycle